At THINKALLWAYS, our goal is to create clothing that inspires and empowers women to live a positive life – all while giving back to the community. Our women's fitness apparel is designed to promote positive thinking, women’s empowerment and living a healthy lifestyle.

Our tagline “It’s All In Your Mind” can be found on every piece of clothing we make - acting as a continual reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to. By realizing that it’s all in your mind, you can choose to empower yourself and think positive, which helps you live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

THINKALLWAYS wants women to feel good about themselves while working out. We promote health, personal empowerment, and the knowledge that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Whether at the gym, feeling adventurous outdoors, or lounging at home, THINKALLWAYS is the perfect attire for any environment in which you want to shine!

Each month, THINKALLWAYS donates 10 percent of proceeds to a variety of charities and nonprofit organizations that align themselves with our cause. We strongly believe in the power of giving back to our community by supporting charities that change the lives of people in need every day. With our promise to always pay it forward, you can feel good about wearing THINKALLWAYS attire and knowing that your purchase helps support a good cause.

The THINKALLWAYS brand was created and is based in Brooklyn, NY. You’ll find a tag stamped inside our clothing’s neckline that says "CREATED IN BROOKLYN" – a personal acknowledgment of the community we love.

At THINKALLWAYS, we love what we do – and our love for what we do shows in our products. We allow our work, life, passions, and inspirations to be integrated equally into the company – which creates a work environment in which we’re all family. Our products are sent from our home to yours, and it is our hope that by purchasing THINKALLWAYS attire, you become a part of our THINKALLWAYS family as well.

With love,

Mariel Heather

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