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Simple Yet Stunning Makeup Tips

Written by Kenna Ehman


Hey y’all! I am so incredibly excited about being a guest blogger today! I absolutely love what I do and I love sharing what I do with others. One of my passions is teaching simple tips on how to stay looking your best no matter what you're doing. To be honest, I am a simple girl. I grew up in a small, farm town where hardly anyone wore makeup or really cared about their hair. It was an all american, small, football town. Because of this, even thought I love hair and make up, I am not, by any means, a spend-an-hour-a-day-on-my-face type of girl! 

I recently fell in love with Think Always because it’s so similar to my own brand! It’s all about positivity, non-profits, and polished, cute, simple style! 

Some of my other passions are Yoga, fitness, and all things health. So, when Mariel asked me to guest blog on her site, I was ecstatic, it kind of wraps all my interests into one! 

I want to show you guys some simple steps for doing your hair and makeup. For those days where you throw on yoga pants, a cute tank, and hoodie, or for those nights you work a little later than expected, still need to get your workout in, and also want to meet the girls for a drink, or your bae for a date night. Keeping it simple makes it much more manageable to change at the gym, freshen up, and not feel like you have to go home and do a full face of make up. 

Here’s my rule of thumb for makeup, 

Brows. Mascara. Blush. Lips. 

Always, always, ALWAYS fill in your brows! You can pick 3 other things to do besides lips, lashes, and cheeks, but ALWAYS fill your brows in! Filling in your brows will make your eyes pop, your skin look flawless, and it simply completes your look! Remember little orphan Annie and the “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” song? Well, you're actually never fully dressed without your brows! They lied ;) Pick a bold lip and no one will even notice you haven’t put foundation on, besides, it’s winter, pale skin and dark lips are in! 

Here are some of my fav products for my basic 3 plus brows look! 

OK, now for hair,

The golden rule of hair, “Dry shampoo is your best friend!” 

A common thing I have found with clients and friends is that no one has been taught how to use dry shampoo correctly. A lot of my clients have responded to my rule with “I don’t really like dry shampoo, it never works.” I thought that too, believe it or not, until I realized I was using it wrong. Dry shampoo is great for so many reasons, it actually takes the oil out of your hair, it gives you volume, and it helps with the smell of dirty hair. Come on girls, don’t pretend like you haven’t been sitting on a plane, or in a waiting room next to someone who you wish you could douse with some hair perfume, then you start worrying (because we are girls and we always do this), “I haven’t washed my hair in like 3 days, do I smell like that?” (side note: I am writing this post to you from a very small, coach, back row, airplane seat the day before Thanksgiving AKA busiest day of the year for travel, and I feel the need to hug the woman next to me and thank her for having personal hygiene that meets the standards of the, should be mandatory, travel requirements!).

So here is the secret to dry shampoo, put the dry shampoo in, LET IT SIT while you are doing your makeup, and THEN, after at least 5 minutes, brush it though! You need to let it have a chance to soak up the oil. So easy, right?

 Here are a few simple styles for hiding your dirty gym hair…

You can do messy bun, a flirty pony, or a braid if you hair is long enough. If you do a ponytail, wrap a piece of you hair around the rubber band after you put your air up, and then use a bobby pin to secure it. OK, ready for my favorite tip of all? It’s winter, put on a hat! So easy and cute. Totally in style too! I rock some hats the second the air gets crisp!

I hope this helps you out with your hair and makeup dilemmas. In the words of my mom “Keep. It. Simple.” You will all be pros in no time! Take pictures, videos, anything of how it goes with your hair and make up experiments. Tag me on social media, and show me how you do! There may even be a giveaway for everyone who participates…Maybe ;)

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Any questions, feel free to email me, or facebook message me! kenna.Ehman@gmail.com

 Thank you so much again for having me! Happy Holidays! 
More about Kenna: She is a local hairstylist and makeup artist whose passion is people. She is the owner of New Seele Studio in South End and does on-site styling for film production, both in the US and abroad. She believes that women should never feel like they HAVE to wear makeup or have their hair done, but then they do so, it should be done with excellence. She has been named Charlotte's best Hairsylist in 2014 and 2015 by Charlotte Magazine and Creative Loafing.

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