• 4 Ways To Create Momentum
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    Cassie Piasecki
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4 Ways To Create Momentum

How to Create Momentum!

WOW! How did it become August already? Take a moment and think back to your New Year's Goals. Where are you? Have you hit the target on a few? There were probably some that you forgot about.  Don't worry! You've got a few months to reach those goals and it's the perfect time to regroup and focus.  

Have you noticed that when you are super busy and have momentum in your life, that more things get done? You can crush your "To Do List" in a morning? Momentum is a wonderful thing and you might need to grab some in the dog days of summer.  

Here are my top FOUR ways to create momentum in your life:

Take a webinar. Read a book on finances. Take a cooking class.  Your brain gets stimulated while learning.  It gets the creative juices flowing! 
Take five minutes out of your day and meditate.  Let those five minutes clear your head for new, creative thoughts.  Let them alleviate some stress.  Let them be your five minutes.
Get a piece of paper, a journal or even “notes" on your iPhone and start writing stuff down you want to accomplish in the remainder of the year.  Don't worry if the goals you made in January don't make the list.  Come up with three things that will make you feel good. 
Tell someone what your plans.  Saying it out loud will help you realize exactly what will work.  Sometimes when you hear the words, you realize the idea needs tweaking.  Telling someone also makes you accountable.  I know…that word is so grown up and responsible.  Do it!
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    Cassie Piasecki
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