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Fitness Friday: Kayla's Army

Written by Megan Rivenburg

Chances are you know someone who has already joined #kaylasarmy and is a part of the #kaylamovement, or you’ve at least heard of Kayla Itsines, creator of the BBG workouts, fitness and positivity icon, and Australian Instagram star.

In honor of leaving for Australia in less than two weeks for my semester abroad, I decided to dedicate this Fitness Friday post to talking about the BBG workouts that I did this week!

On Kayla’s website, I downloaded a free week of her HIIT workout guides and did them with my sister.

I loved how there were pictures that showed exactly what we had to do for each move, and how clear the instructions were.

Basically, the download had three guides- a leg one, an ab one, and an arm one. Each guide outlined 2 circuits consisting of four different moves and the number of times we were supposed to do each one.

The instructions said to repeat circuit one for seven minutes without stopping, then take a 30-90 second break and do circuit two for seven minutes. After that, you are supposed to go back and repeat each circuit again.

Each workout only takes 28 minutes, but I will never think of seven minutes the same way ever again! The seven minutes seemed to pass by so slowly since we were exercising at such a high intensity during it.

The first day focused on legs. I thought this one would be relatively easy, since I consider myself to have pretty strong legs, and since I run regularly. This was NOT the case. We repeated things like weighted squats, leg lifts on a bench, jumps, and lunges until we were dripping sweat and our legs felt like jelly.

This workout brought me back to high school volleyball tryouts in a way- they completely wore me out but I felt so strong and athletic after doing it. I had no idea what was in store in terms of soreness though; I found it hard to walk until three days after.

The next one we did was for abs. This workout was a little less cardio-intensive but just as difficult. Halfway through, my sister got up and said she wanted to stop. We talked about how working out, building strength, and changing yourself in general was hard, hard work. It is supposed to be this way. If it was easy, everyone would do it, and it would do nothing for you. She stayed with me and while she took breaks during the circuits, stuck it out until the end. After it was done, she felt so accomplished and so much better than she would have if she just stopped in the middle. Next time she does it, it will be that much easier now!

The last session in Kayla’s free download was for the arms. I found this one was especially difficult for me, since I am not very strong in my upper body and have been focusing on trying to strengthen myself in that area. I’m not much of a sweater, but let me tell you that it only took until about halfway into the first circuit until I was DRIPPING. The hardest move from this day for me was called a commando. You start in a plank position and bring yourself to a raised pushup position one hand at a time then repeat starting with the other hand. I was shaking and fell to my knees multiple times during these.

These workout guides focus on one main area of the body each day, and encourage taking a day in between sessions to do something more low impact, like walking.

I loved these workouts because they made me feel so strong when I was done and so proud of what I could accomplish. I see why Kayla’s clients reach the results that they do in such short amounts of time.
The message that Kayla sends along with her guides is to “work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.” She encourages a healthy relationship with exercise and food, and inspires women and girls all over the world to become the best versions of themselves. This message really aligns with that of THINK.

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