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FITspirational Female: Cassie Piasecki

Written by Megan Rivenburg

This inspirational woman we want to highlight is someone who embodies the message behind THINK. Her positive outlook on life and constant hunger to help and see others succeed are contagious, and her drive and ambition carry over from her work life into her personal health. Her name is Cassie Piasecki, and we are so lucky to have had the chance to ask her about herself and what she does!

Here’s what Cassie had to share with us:

THINK: You do so much! What are some tips you have for maintaining balance in your life and handling the stress that comes along with managing so much?

Cassie: You might think “of course, she would say that!”, I’m going to say it anyways…I find that when I workout first thing in the morning, it gives me a boost of energy that helps me sail through my day.  Some of my workouts also give me quiet time to think, be inspired and get creative. Like running on the beach in the early morning; it’s one of the most powerful times for me to think things through.

One message that I try to relay to my clients is that when you take care of yourself first, everyone and everything gets taken care of much better.  One other practical tip is that I love a good “to do” list!

THINK: You are an entrepreneurship pro! You started at age 18 with a beach clothing store and haven’t slowed down since. What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own business?

Cassie: As I have gotten older, I realize that having a plan is uber-important. I’ve been known to “wing it” and while that worked when I was younger, once you have bigger responsibilities (kids, family, mortgages), you can’t do that anymore. Your plan should have a few key elements. You should know how much money you have to spend. However much you think you need, add a lot more to that. You should make that number public knowledge to at least one other person that will hold you accountable. You should have an exit strategy. If your biz isn’t going as planned, you should put pride to the side and exit. Don’t let pride or fear of failure send you into financial trouble. The flip side to having some plan is over planning. I’ve worked with too many clients who have become paralyzed in the planning stage because they are waiting for perfection. There is no such thing as perfection. You need to just do it!  

THINK: With teaching Pilates, running your own businesses, keeping a blog, and helping out your husband with his orthopedic medical practice, what keeps you motivated and enthusiastic?

Cassie: The biggest thing that motivates me is when my fitness and nutrition clients send me messages telling me about how they feel, their successes, things they’ve overcome or pictures of themselves in their teeny bikinis! I also love it when husbands meet me and tell me how much they love the confidence that their wives have found in their bodies. It gives me goosebumps and pushes me to keep learning and building my health and wellness repertoire. I want as many people to feel as good as I do…physically and mentally.

THINK: What got you into Pilates? What’s your favorite part of teaching it?

Cassie: I tell this story often!  During the second Pilates class that I took, there was an older woman on the Reformer next to me doing a pretty advanced exercise. She did it with such ease and grace. Her spine was more flexible than mine! I looked at my instructor and proclaimed that I would do Pilates for the rest of my life. As with any style of fitness that I teach, I help clients build strength from the inside out. Sure, it’s great to see them in that little bikini, but when I ask them to do a plank into a pike on the Reformer, and they do it with ease and grace?  That is the ultimate satisfaction.  

THINK: What are some of the most common nutrition tweaks you make with your “WTF are you eating?” program?

Cassie: Easy!  Quit going out for lunch. Take an hour on Sunday afternoon and make all of your lunches for the week. You suddenly become in total control of what you are eating. You eliminate the risk of being “hangry” and choosing the wrong thing. You save money and time! Most of my clients find that by preparing ahead, they have time to eat lunch AND go for a 20-minute walk during their lunch hour.  

THINK: Tell us a little about the “Seven to Sleek” program. Do you think seven days is enough to break unhealthy habits and change your body?

Cassie: The “Seven to Sleek” program is for that client who has something special coming up – a wedding, a trip, or a big event.  She wants to feel and look positively radiant. This program is lower calorie, lower salt, lower carb and not something you want to do for more than seven days. She usually follows the #3DayJumpStart plan and uses “Seven to Sleek” when she needs to be extra sparkly. As for breaking unhealthy habits and changing the body…you can start to see changes in the body after seven days of anything if you are dedicated. To create healthy habits, it usually takes 21 days and a deep reason as to why you want to be healthy. You gotta go deep! I just marked one year of eating gluten-free and junk food free! My initial reason was to feel great for a vacation, but after a few weeks, I decided that eating crap wasn’t making me pretty from the inside out. I knew that while I looked great on the outside, I could glow if I really tried. Giving up the crackers, the bread, the gummy bears and the cotton candy, created a radiant glow that I had never had before. It wasn’t just a glow from my skin, but those types of foods affect your mood. When I gave them up, my moods became regulated, and I slept better, too. You can’t help but be prettier from the inside out!  

THINK: What sparks your ideas for your blog? There are so many interesting posts!

Cassie: A very smart woman once taught me that if I was ever stuck for ideas, think about the last five conversations that you had with people.  Chances are you talked about some sort of success, plan, problem, or idea that would inspire a good blog post. The other thing that I like write about are my personal experiences, because as “your older sister”, I’ve had a lot of them and can save you a lot of trouble if you just listen to me!

THINK: What’s your favorite way to step back and take time for yourself?

Cassie: I wake up early and spend time reading in bed.  It’s such a guilty pleasure that I can do now that my daughter is grown and out of the house.  I like to catch up on Instagram (I’m a social girl, I can’t help it!), read my favorite blogs and look at the weather. Then it’s my own workouts.  They are non-negotiable. I’m very selfish with them. I rarely miss them. I also go to bed really early!

THINK: Looking at the big picture, it seems as though the main idea of each of the things you do is helping others. You truly want others to succeed. What is your favorite part of helping this happen every day?

Cassie: I get to touch so many people throughout the day! Social media is rad for that reason. Even though I may not get to work one on one with someone, I can motivate people all over the world on the various social media channels.  At the end of the day, I want people to feel amazing both inside and out!

We were able to learn so much from this phenomenal person, not only about health, but also about being the best person you can be, and helping others achieve the same thing. She is definitely not afraid to go after what she dreams, and that is a lesson we should hold onto!

For more about Cassie, check out her site here!



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