• Motivate Your Mind Monday: 6 Ways to Beat Your Monday Blues
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Motivate Your Mind Monday: 6 Ways to Beat Your Monday Blues

Let’s face it, Monday mornings can be a little rough. You’re tired from a weekend full of activities, you can’t sleep in because you have to get up to go to work, and five full days stand between you and another taste of weekend freedom. There’s just something about Monday morning that not even a big ole cup of coffee can fix! I’ve struggled with the Monday morning blues myself, and I’m here to share with you six tips that I’ve found help me think positive on Monday mornings.

Switch up your alarm

It’s hard to wake up in a good mood if you start your day with an alarm that blares like a fog horn and jolts you out of bed. Nothing says ‘Good Morning!’ like an incessant beeping noise. Instead, set your alarm to be your favorite song. It’s a much more pleasant way to wake up and will hopefully help start your Monday morning off a little brighter!

Wake up early

I know, I know, waking up earlier than necessary on a Monday morning sounds like a terrible idea, but trust me, it helps! Just an extra fifteen minutes gives you a little more time to enjoy your coffee and breakfast while you watch the news, or some extra time to soak in the hot shower, or time to make your lunch a little more extravagant than usual. You choose how to spend your extra fifteen minutes, but however you spend them, it’s sure to make your Monday morning a little more enjoyable.

Plan your breakfast

Who here is guilty of not eating well on Monday mornings because you don’t feel like making anything? I know I am! An easy bowl of sugary cereal is much more likely to find its way into my mouth than a nutritious, well rounded breakfast. So on Sunday night I plan out what I'm going to have for breakfast on Monday to make sure I get all the nutrients I need to fuel my body through a full day of work! Even if you just set your breakfast ingredients together in the fridge, it will help you make sure that the right foods find their way into your body on Monday morning – which will help you have a better day overall!

Spice up your wardrobe

Show your positive attitude on Monday by wearing some bright, fun clothing! Ditch the black, navy, and neutrals and instead add some color. Wear your favorite outfit, jewelry, shoes, or all three! When you look good, you feel good, so the easiest way to feel good on a Monday is to wear something that’s going to make you feel wonderful. Ditch the drab and boring and instead switch it out with something bright, fun, and fabulous!

Make a playlist

I have a playlist specifically for Mondays. It’s full of my happiest, most fun-loving songs – songs that make it impossible to not smile while singing them! I play it all morning while I get ready, and then really jam out to it in the car on my way to work. Make your own playlist full of the happiest music you have! The best part is that this playlist can double as your every morning playlist – giving your morning routine a little spark of positive energy.

Think positive!

A happy Monday is just a few positive thoughts away! Remember that your outlook on your day, your week, and your life is all up to you. As we say here at THINK – It’s all in your mind. If you want to have a great Monday, then focus on the positive aspects of your day rather than the negatives. Thinking positive is the fastest way to beat your Monday morning blues! By starting your day with positive energy, you’re sure to have a positive day!

Use these tips next Monday morning to help start your week on a positive note! Rather than seeing Mondays as the end of the weekend, start seeing them as the beginning of a new and wonderful week! Positive Mondays will translate into a positive week – and who doesn’t want one of those?!

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  • Motivate Your Mind Monday