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Fitness Friday: Yoga Dance Party

Written by Megan Rivenburg

For this Fitness Friday’s class, I headed to the Edge in Fairfield for a Group X Power Yoga class to see how different the workout was from the Gentle Yoga class I did at Kaia a few weeks ago. While there were definitely some similarities between the moves we did, the workout was completely different!

I brought a friend along with me and had her wear one of my THINK shirts with me. She loved it so much that she asked to keep it, and I gave it to her! I find it so much more fun and motivating to work out with a friend. It also seems easier, and the time flies by! After it’s all done, we share the accomplishment of what we just did together- and to me, shared satisfaction is so much greater than solo satisfaction.

One of the main reasons I liked this class so much was because it was in a HUGE room, with so many people that I could feel the energy of what everyone was creating, and it inspired me to keep moving along. Just like with the SoulCycle class, each person was synchronized as we went through the moves, and the teacher was on the floor facing the same direction as we all were. She was there simply as a guide through the series of moves, which I enjoyed because it made me feel like we were all on the same level, even though there were definitely some seasoned yoga pros in the room, and I have only been to a few classes in my lifetime.

In contrast to the gentle yoga class I did, this one was very fast-paced. It seemed almost like dance we moved so fast, and I really liked that aspect of it. In between each little segment of moves we went through, there were a few that we always came back to. These were warrior 1, warrior 2, child’s pose, and a pushup into downward dog. I became very familiar with these moves throughout the course of the class, and had the opportunity to improve my form each and every time we came back to them.

Over the duration of the class, those pushups really added up- I could definitely feel it in my arms and abs the next day. The interesting thing was that I really did not expect to be sore after this class. Yes, it was quick-paced and yes, we did some very difficult moves and stretches, but since it was all spaced out so nicely I never once felt the work was too much. It did not pile up or build stress as high-intensity exercise does. This was a really nice change.

The great thing about this class was that it was actually a great, “powerful” workout, personally especially for my arms and abs, but it was also very relaxing. In a world where stress is such a constant problem, it was so refreshing to be able to get in a tough workout without adding to any aspect of stress that was already acting as a force on my body.

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