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Fitness Friday: Pedal + Push Yourself

Written By Megan Rivenburg

It’s Fitness Friday again! This week I kicked things up a few notches and headed to Soul Cycle in Westport for my first ride! I LOVED it.

I wore my THINK strength shirt, which made me feel right at home with words like warrior, legend, change, and inspire all over the walls. It also really fit in with the message that the workout was promoting throughout the whole class.

The instructor, Ryan, really emphasized finding inner strength and power, and encouraged us frequently to reach down and turn up the bike’s resistance more and just a little past more. He was so high energy that it was contagious and spiked my adrenaline at an extreme level.

The aspect of this class that I really loved the most was how FUN it was!

Since this was a cycling class, it was primarily a cardio workout. I was working up a sweat not even ten minutes into the class and my heart rate stayed pretty elevated the whole time. The cycling wasn’t the only cardio we were doing during the class though. Ryan demonstrated different moves for our upper bodies and had us preform them in time to the music. For example, we would all uniformly stand up and pedal for 8 counts, then sit down and pedal for 8 counts. We did modified pushups using the bike’s handlebars in synch with the rhythm, and shifted our body weight from side to side all as a class.

Since I was sitting in the back, it was so cool to see everyone in the class moving in such a synchronized way- it almost looked like a dance. For me, this aspect of the workout really created a sense of togetherness with the other students- even though I had never even seen most of them in my life. I knew that we were all in the class together trying to improve ourselves and become stronger, and that pushed me to do the best I could do.

Along with the cardio, this class also really worked to strengthen my abs and arms. Throughout the time in the class, we were expected and reminded to “keep our abs engaged,” and while at first I did not exactly buy that this would do anything, I felt the workout in my abs in the morning for sure!

As for the arms, each bike was equipped with a set of light weights, and about halfway through the class Ryan had us doing repetitions on repetitions of curls, dips, and lifts, ALL while continuing to cycle. As someone who does not have much upper body strength and is currently focusing on trying to build it up, I was a huge fan of how this mainly cardio workout incorporated weights.

I think that on top of being a killer workout, an important part of this class was how it made me feel. I left the class feeling empowered and ready to take on the rest of my day. I left with confidence and the knowledge that I can do more than I think I can do. I left THINKing strength.

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