• What we HOPE for at THINK
  • Mariel Heather

What we HOPE for at THINK

This month, we're spotlighting the word HOPE. We've been asking what everyone's hoping for in the new year but we haven't shared what we're hoping for as a company.

Now that it's 2015, this is going to be THINK's first full year in business! As an entrepreneur, I hope for my business to continue to grow, inspire and motivate women.

Since starting my business a few months ago, my life has changed for the better. I've met so many new people and I'm so excited when I see they are just as passionate about their business or goals as I am.

I learn something new from every experience whether it's good or bad and I HOPE to continue learning, growing, inspiring, empowering, and embracing anything that comes my way.

Every month we've been donating 10 percent of proceeds to different nonprofits and it's truly empowering to attend meetings at these organizations and meet the young women who participate.

It's one thing to read that 10 percent of proceeds go to different nonprofits, it's a whole other experience when you are at the nonprofit first hand and see how much of an impact these donations make. I want everyone to share the experience, inspiration and amazement I go through so I'm making a point to film and take pictures of anything I can. This week I'll be sharing video interviews from my trip to Young Women Empowered in Seattle.

At THINK, we hope to share all of our experiences with you and that you'll do the same in return with us:) We're HOPEful to continue building a community of beautiful, empowering, positive, inspiring and physically active women.

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  • Mariel Heather